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Optimise your asset and save energy.

We offer clients a range of electromechanical and consulting services within the energy engineering sphere.

Energy Costs Are Not Fixed.

They can be managed like any other cost.

Energy Audit

As energy costs increase, asset performance and life cycle deteriorate, and technology innovates, the importance of energy reduction and management plays a key role for successful organisations.

QTM has delivered energy audits across a range of asset classes including commercial, industrial, residential and retail.

QTM offers Energy Audits in compliance with international standards such as ASHRAE or can be customised according to client’s requirements.

Our common audit objectives are:

  • Break down historical energy consumption
  • Asset inspection and operational review
  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Temporary measurement and verification
  • Determine how to improve current maintenance and operations
  • Provide investment grade analysis on identified Energy Conservation Measures

Measurement and Verification

As a top five operating expense for most buildings’ P&Ls, Measurement and Verification (M&V) is imperative for any facility consuming energy to understand when, what and how much energy is being consumed. Without it, it is probable that energy is being used excessively and the ability to identify new energy inefficiencies early, before they become part of the fabric of your bill, is low.

Many building operators are forced to operate their energy systems “blind” without being able to have reliable and real-time data to monitor and analyse.

The question many of our clients have is, “to what level do you need to measure?”. The answer varies for each building. QTM generally recommends starting with the key elements and growing the system over time as both the size and knowledge of the consumption data grow.

With financial managers focused on budget risk and building operators on keeping plant running, the disconnect can be bridged by QTM’s BRANE SYSTEM. QTM has developed BRANE to centralise M&V and is currently being used by our clients across a range of asset types to help drive down and manage energy costs. Learn more about BRANE.

The M&V process is performed in line with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Energy Management

How does your business use energy? For most companies, this is a question which cannot be easily answered. With energy bills accounting for 30% to 40% of building or facilities operational cost, it a cost worth managing.

Typically, most energy bills get simply paid by finance and facility managers do what they can with their spare time, if any, to ensure rudimentary energy savings measures are in place, at best.

This is where QTM can help, through our proven energy management services and technologies which have been implemented by major organisations in Dubai as their first significant investments into energy management.

We focus on your needs whether it be budgets, timelines or Corporate Social Responsibility requirements and we weigh them up against the technical opportunities to provide a completely customised energy management program.

Typical elements of our energy management solutions are:

  • Energy Systems Maintenance Management
  • Energy Monitoring and Analysis
  • Control System and Building Management System Optimisation
  • Energy System Recommissioning

QTM packages the above elements into our Energy Engineering Service and BRANE System technology.

Energy costs are not fixed, they are manageable. However, it is important to understand that, successful and profitable energy management programs are not done as a snap shot in time, they are engagements undertaken for the life cycle of your asset.

Our Service is Anything But Standard

Our clients come to us for our expertise, reliability and tireless commitment to deliver.

Energy Engineering Service

We believe in solutions that provide ongoing benefits to our clients. We assist our clients in the pursuit of optimum technical and economic cost of ownership of facilities not just for the duration of the project but throughout the life cycle of the building. To achieve this we have a unique offering which we call our Engineering Expertise Service (ESS).

EES gives our clients timely access to engineering expertise and the latest industry intelligence and innovations, which serve to enhance value and mitigate risk.

EES allows our team of engineers to undertake regular reviews with our client to:

  • effectively manage the buildings’ energy performance outcomes to ensure they are meeting project objectives, and
  • provide expertise and development to on-site facilities management teams to enhance operational performance and the ongoing building performance.

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

QTM understands the financial requirements of clients when it comes to investing energy savings projects and provides flexible financing options to support our commercial propositions.

Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is an innovative financing solution that uses cost savings from reduced energy consumption to repay project costs.

QTM’s EPC solution allows building owners to achieve energy savings without up-front capital expenses. The project costs are paid by QTM and the client is obliged to pay back QTM from the achieved energy savings.

Although the concept of an EPC makes perfect sense, there are however many pitfalls to be aware of before engagement. QTM’s local market experience is second to none in this regard, and clients will benefit from this while increasing the probability of success.

Contact us if you would like to receive details of our EPC case study.

Energy Modelling

QTM offers high quality energy and building information modelling. Combining our MEP, energy engineering and modelling expertise we provide solutions to optimize energy performance of the built environment from pre design through to building operation and refurbishment.

QTM modelling service offers:

  • Design load calculations, based on CIBSE Guide A or  ASHRAE Heat Balance Method
  • HVAC modelling for equipment sizing
  • Energy modelling with assessment of different design options and evaluation of their life cycle cost
  • Daylight analysis
  • Thermal comfort analysis

Our energy models are prepared through IES VE which is internationally recognized and approved software by LEED, BREEAM and ESTIDAMA .The international experience of our team, ensures the energy modelling results provided by QTM achieve good levels of accuracy and meet the highest industry standards. Moreover, our models benefit from QTM’s practical application experience rather than the standard consultancy.

Electromechanical Services

QTM Electromechanical LLC, a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing company is a member of the QTM Group of companies. It is a specialist engineering and contracting company driven by quality, service and health and safety to deliver flagship projects within the new and built environments.

In combination with QTM’s Energy Engineering Services, QTM Electromechanical LLC enables QTM to be an end-to-end Energy Services Company (ESCO).

QTM Electromechanical installed the 1st DEWA approved solar PV roof mounted system in Dubai, UAE.

Our electromechanical division provides core services in:

  • Solar energy systems installation and maintenance
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation engineering
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning upgrades and retrofits
  • Electrical and mechanical works
  • Building commissioning and maintenance

DEWA Solar PV Consultancy

QTM was the first Consultant enrolled under DEWA’s list of enrolled Electrical & Solar PV Consultants and Contractors under the Shams Dubai First Initiative as part of the Distributed Renewable Resources Generation program.

Having the first to market experience of completing the approval process, QTM is already amortising this experience across other solar PV projects in Dubai working to help shape what is an exciting future for solar PV in Dubai.

Solar PV Design and Installation

QTM completed the first DEWA approved solar PV installation under the Shams Initiative from end-to-end. Importantly gaining early to market experience with what is needed to execute solar PV installations in this current infant state of the local solar PV market.

QTM utilises this experience to provide our clients with the knowhow and understanding of the project spectrum and inherent challenges for each stakeholder. QTM’s objective is to provide clients with the winning formula for successful project delivery.

QTM possesses the required certifications and licenses to provide total solar PV solutions covering DEWA approvals, consulting, construction and maintenance.

Our Solar PV Services include:

  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Design and Consulting
  • DEWA and Municipality Approvals
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance

Low ∆T Management

Those who pay district cooling bills are aware of “Low ∆T Syndrome” but few understand it, let alone know how to manage it.

The majority of buildings connected to district cooling suffer from Low ∆T Syndrome where they are being penalised by district cooling providers and consuming inefficiently. The exact cause varies from building to building and myriad causes for it.

The common causes are:

  • Chilled water system has design and construction flaws
  • Building Management Systems and control system anomalies
  • Lack of knowledge on how to operate and maintain chilled water plant

QTM has formulated as strategy on how to combat Low ∆T Syndrome and formulate a management process which we are implementing successfully across our clients’ assets. It is important for clients to understand the options available before undertaking large capital outlays to mitigate the problem.

Green Building Certification (LEED and Estidama)

QTM’s approach to the green building consultancy services for LEED® and Estidama covers the range of services needed to ensure clients reach or exceed their intended certification level.

Our engineers have worked on Green Building certifications internationally and amortise their experience to develop cost efficiencies for clients during the certification process.

QTM’s experience in, and core business of, energy engineering sets us apart for much of the consulting competition as we are developing solutions to solve the problems which green building certification verticals are developed to mitigate.

Here’s How We’ve Delivered for Clients

Our approach is to draw on every talent, consider every approach, strive for continuous improvement,

and always use our proven methodologies to get the best outcomes for our clients’ assets.

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