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QTM engineers solutions to reduce energy and operational costs.

Our Company

QTM is an energy services company (ESCO) based in Dubai UAE offering customised consulting, electromechanical services and renewable energy solutions to optimise energy consumption and reduce the operational costs of buildings – our sole focus is energy engineering and it is our passion.

This focus results in a level of commitment and professionalism which is unparalleled and provides our clients with some of the most comprehensive and forward-thinking advice available.

QTM’s experience and development of BRANE is proving to be a key attribute our clients are turning to, to help reduce energy costs and bring their assets energy systems under control.

QTM is establishing itself among a select few, to drive forward and establish the Energy Services and Contracting sector in Dubai. Our growth and success is due to the talent and commitment of our team who are rising to the early market challenges and delivering attractive results for our clients.

What is Energy Engineering?

Energy engineering is an evolving and relatively recent discipline of engineering. It combines core elements of physics, chemistry and mathematics with environmental engineering practices. These elements, along with various financing models, form the structure to develop solutions that reduce energy and water consumption for large scale facilities like buildings and industrial processes. Our engineered solutions encompass renewable energy, retrofits of equipment with lower consuming technologies, measurement and verification and energy auditing.

Interested in Solar PV?

QTM has completed the first DEWA approved Solar PV project under the Shams Dubai first initiative.

First DEWA Approved Rooftop Solar PV

QTM was the first consultant approved under Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) list of Electrical & Solar PV Consultants and Contractors.

QTM has completed, in June 2015, the first DEWA approved Solar PV project under the Shams Dubai first initiative as part of the Distributed Renewable Resources Generation program.

The project was installed at an elevation of over 150m on the roof of a residential and serviced apartments tower in Dubai, UAE. (Client confidential).

QTM delivered the project in-house utilising our team of qualified engineers and technicians to design, procure and construct the roof mounted system.

Having first-hand experience of the early market issues associated with solar PV in Dubai, we understand the project spectrum and inherent challenges for each stakeholder. QTM’s objective is to provide clients with a winning formula and customised solution to benefit from streamlined processes and reduced costs.

Learn more about QTM’s Solar PV and DEWA Solar PV Consultancy services.

Do You Know How Much Wasted Energy Costs Your Business?

Find out with BRANE to drive down your energy costs and keep them down.

Traditionally, energy has been relatively cheap and taken for granted, however, within three years from 2008 the utility prices in Dubai increased 122%, along with our thirst for energy which has also risen exponentially over the past decade. Only recently, has the cost of this found its way to the cost cutting agenda of finance and senior management. This cost is not fixed, it manageable and is better managed with BRANE SYSTEM (BRANE).

QTM has developed BRANE as a cloud based energy analysis and monitoring tool. BRANE integrates field devices into a single platform which allows data to be collected in real-time and stored on a cloud where web based software empowers operators and financial managers to make data driven decisions.

BRANE suite of technologies transforms the almost infinite number of complexities and variables associated with energy systems through a software tool which simplifies these complexities into four discrete components:

  1. Reduce energy costs to increase profitability
  2. Provide bankable data for energy saving investments and performance management
  3. Dynamic education and reporting which can propagate through intellectual diversity
  4. A temporal measure of energy savings and financial impact

Learn more about BRANE.


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QTM Delivers 1st DEWA Approved Rooftop Solar PV Project

In June 2015, QTM completed the first DEWA approved Solar PV project under the Shams Dubai first initiative as part of the Distributed Renewable Resources Generation program. The project was installed at an elevation of [...]

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